Reason why exhaust outlet temperature of an engine cylinder unit maybe higher than other units

On this article I am going to list the Reason why exhaust outlet temperature of an engine cylinder unit maybe higher than other units during operation and/or after the engine has been out of service for long period of time .

Using my experience as an example I am going to emphasis on the reasons why a cylinder temperature may increase higher than other units during operations.

I stopped an engine and after about two days, we start the engine again, while checking the parameters, I realize that the number five and four unit exhaust temperature where higher about 30 percent higher than others.

I waited for about 5 minutes to see if the exhaust outlet temperature will balance up but it wasn’t, rather it keep increasing and others keep maintaining the same normal temperature. Now the question is; what went wrong after the engine was stopped normally and the exhaust temperature of all units were normal and no Miss function of any of the cylinder during stoppage of the engine?

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To answer the above question on what the problem was, that is the purpose of this article to educate the young professionals and experienced one on the problem which may occur to the exhaust outlet temperature during operation of an engine or next starting.

When I troubleshoot and i find out that the unit fuel pump which was having this problem has the highest temperature why others maintain normal temperature.

The troubleshooting gave me to understand that the fuel pump was the cause of the problem that is to say, the fuel pump was supplying more than the other firing order unit, allowing the unit to took more load than required.

The advise from the ship office was to change the cylinder head totally, as they believe that the valves seat might have got burnt. Yes the idea was not bad, but at this condition, it was not valves problem , it was fuel pump.

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No let’s come back to the main objective of this article ” Reason why exhaust outlet temperature of an engine cylinder unit maybe higher than other units”.

You will understand from my story above That the valves seat or valve itself was not the major problem at this time so there is no need for you removing the cylinder head for any inspection or any changes because, here the pump was not working properly only what you have to do is to change or repair the pump.

The besic things to check , which maybe possibly reason of the exhaust outlet temperature increament or decrease are as follows :

  • Check the fuel pump of the unit
  • Check the fuel delivery valve of the unit.
  • Inspect the tappet clearance.
  • check for possible carbon blockage on the exhaust outlet.

After your check all the above listed and found any of them faulty kindly repair and box up, your exhaust outlet temperature will be back to normal.

Also don’t forget, the regular maintenance of the Planned maintenance system (PMS) of the engine you handle gives you more calm of facing the above challenges.

If this article helped you, please spray to reach others in same difficulty. Leave your comments for corrections or additions for the benefit of all.

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