Engine and deck cadet job – joining date ASAP

Engine and deck cadet needed - joining date Spetember 5th 2014

Job for Engine and deck cadet – joining date Asap

This where to app for Engine and deck cadet job – also following our effort to help the new professionals in the maritime career, we wish to inform the deck and engine cadet vacancy, joining date is ASAP, the contract between 6/7 months, salary is 500 USD.
Please if you are interested, Apply via: for deck cadets (apply here) and for engine cadets (apply here). Note: click skip on the top right and apply. Good luck and don’t forget to follow our blog.

Recommendation to all cadets

Engine cadets
Engine cadets 2011 – with the lecturer
  1. Never sit at home waiting for the job
  2. spray your CV all over the marine companies
  3. Remind the Job providers about your CV
  4. Always standby for interview
  5. When sending your CV, make sure to update them

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