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Marine and offshore insight – Is one of the best marine guide blog. Our team includes both top seafarers, maritime logistics officers, marine safety officers and ship crewing managers. We start up since 2008, focus on sharing related marine developments, maritime discovery, rendering seafarer assistance ( in terms of documentation, training and job finding). Apart from the mentioned list, our logistics officers also work closly in partnaship with other maritime companies for more expansion.

Seafarers and other maritime professionals do share their experinces both at sea and onshore on our blog section. Moreover you are also welcome to contact us for inquires, partnership or any maritime related consultation. Note, all comments in our blog posts are moderated according to our policy.

However, you can browse through for already answered quistions, comments and training tools provided for our audience. Most posts are shared base on it category, therefore for easy navigation of our site, you can see pages and categories placed sideways or use our site search with your keywords for better result.

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Crankshaft speed sensor position, function and repair guide

Crankshaft speed sensors, also called speed sensors, are used to measure crankshaft speed; determine the position of the crankshaft (or even the position of the engine cylinder). The rotational speed is calculated by the time period of the sensor signals, following the passage of the gear teeth. The signal of the rotational speed sensor is…

Quality Of Maritime Education In Ukraine

Are you in search about the quality of maritime education in Ukraine? Or you wish to know more better about the Ukrainian educational system? On this post, we are to discuss more details regarding the above questions. While using the maritime field as a case study. Firstly, location; Ukraine is located in the eastern part…

MARPOL Annex VI Quick Guide On IAPP And EIAPP certificates

The MARPOL Annex VI 2009 edition, elaborate more on the IAPP and EIAPP certificates. Following the quick guide issued by the DUV, the DVU has experienced an increase in class inquiries related to requirements for NOx emissions from marine diesel engines and that of the ship. Furthermore, in this article, we are to discuss and guide more about…

9 Important Ship Mooring Safety Tips

Ship Mooring operations are mostly considered as deck department job. It’s one of the easiest jobs, but the most dangerous duty onboard ship (If proper safety is not considered). About 45% of young seafarers might not understand the importance to keep the maximum safety during this operation. Some of the safety tips we are to…

Methods to get rank promotion in Merchant Navy

Are you Working towards rank promotion in merchant navy? well, it has never been an easy task. It requires more efforts, efficiency, and quality of your knowledge. In this article, we will like to discuss quick methods which will facilitate your rank promotions. These methods have been used by many seafarers and the results were…

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