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New Technology Liquid Solution For Ship Electronic and Electrical Panel Cleaning

NWK-99 new technology product for cleaning electrical panels

Onboard bulk carriers, and other types of ships, micro dust always affect the performance of Electrical contactors, relays, and other electronic devices.

Thanks to the new technology launched for clearing those micro dust without stopping the equipment or switch off the power supply.

The liquid solution spray called “NWK-99” is a welcome idea to clear Electrical panels, equipment like fire detecting sensors, auxiliary boiler panel, bridge electronic panels, etc.

The NWK-99 is a new technology product of environment-friendly, disaster safety certification that eliminates the risk of fire in sparks and arcs generated by electric power relay and electromagnetic switch, and can be extinguished only by spraying in case of an electric fire.

ship high voltage electric power on cleaner

Add to it, electrical and electronic – communication equipment is composed of a complex of electronic devices such as precision circuits and highly integrated semiconductors. When conductive or combustible dust or pollutant accumulates on the surface of semiconductor and charging parts, Malfunctions and Short failures occur. To read more see pdf file below

The video above shows how to use this technology to clean a complete Electrical panel onboard any ship. For electrical Engineers, Chief engineers, etc, it might be a very useful solution.


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1 thought on “New Technology Liquid Solution For Ship Electronic and Electrical Panel Cleaning”

  1. Hello,
    This is Adanan from AE Coating Pte Ltd – Singapore. I have another big story achievement for my products. Currently, NWK-99 are being used inside Korea Navy Submarine to clean contact points.
    I would like to send a photo of the submarine as well. How can I update it in your newsletter?

    Thank you
    Adanan Khamis