Unique Training Tool For Ship and Boating Simulator

Ship and boating simulator training are presently use by maritime training centres and academies. It’s a part of basic training requirements for maritime professionals (both Engine and deck officers).

Training makes perfect as they use to say, here on this article let me explain more on how to simply make use of  ship simulator tools right at home for self training purposes.

What is Maritime Simulator tools?

“Maritime simulator tools is a computer system that simulates ships and maritime environments for training, research and related purposes.”

Ship simulator tools
Bulk carrier type simulator ship

However, ports and terminals normally have same system for training port workers on how to properly simulate port equipments, etc.

Ship Handling Simulator

The ship handling simulator helps you develop skills on vessel handling or control when maneuvering in traffic or ice, entering a port, leaving a port, etc. With this program, you can selection any vessel types and sizes. It comes with perfect graphics, sound effects which allows you to feel effect of being on the bridge.

# Download Ship Handling Simulator free

How to install simulator?

Note: the above program is a Windows program, firstly download to your computer, unzip the file. click on the Installations archive and follow the wizard instructions.

After you unzipped the file, there you can see “read me” for other required directions.

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