4 Main Seafarers Help desks to contact for help

Seafarers help

Seafarers help desks or organizations the main objective is to give sailors an extend helping hands and keep to the rules between the sailors and employer.

It’s quite understood that seafarers job is a kind of job which distances away from the need to hold a permanent legal advocate, who will plead for benefit of the employees.

As a result of the above, some good will sailors formed non-profit organizations, which stand as a legal advocate to assist upon request or any seafarers.

In what occasions sailors require assistants?

I believe you might have been on board ship or read news from other sites regarding problems such as; injury onboard, unpaid salary, insufficient food, and other seafarers welfare issues.

These are things which the master of the ship could handle, otherwise the DPA of the company. But in some cases, this issues may be high than the master or DPA to solve, since they are also employees of the company.

In this case, seafarers have no option but to dispute to high authorities who will investigate both parties and make sure the reported disputes are resolved amicably.


The main objective of this article as the title suggests is to list the 4 main Seafarers help organizations, which have more legal power to resolve issues as required.

Seafarers help
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Having said that, please NOTE; there are other seafarers help desk or organizations in different countries who can solve problems between sailors and employer locally.

The lists below are international seamen help bodies who have affiliate or offices around the world. Therefore to understand they are suitable for your disputes, kindly read their biography or visit their website as follows ;

List of Seafarers Helpdesks or organizations

1. ITF International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF) is a global union of any independent trade union with respect to associated transport industries like; Aviation and Shipping. This help desk came first on our list because they work directly with the main organization that controls the shipping body to achieve the required interest.

The union (ITF) was found in 1896, which is about 122 years ago ( as of 2018 at the time of this article).

ITF represents interests of transport workers’ unions in bodies that take decisions in respect to employment conditions or safety in the transport industries, such as ; the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO),

ITF head office is in London but they have offices around the world. There other affiliates unions who work to negotiation to various rights of sailors or worker. To dispute on issues, you can contact ITF in any location you are, irrespective of your ship type, nationality, and/or language.

2. ISWAN – The International Seafarers Welfare And Assistance Network (ISWAN) is one of the powerful organization who stands for the seafarers in other to push hard to ITF to resolve any issues related to sailors.

It’s a non-profit organization, they render free help and confidential service to get sailors problems (related to the job at sea) solved. You can contact ISWAN with your disputes via their listed numbers and email.

3. AoS – The organization Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) is an old organization founded in 1922 in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Their aim is to provide assistance in the areas of sharing recommended options and advice to seafarers. They are also to contact ITF or ILO in respect of a seafarer. They work in other countries, more powerful in Great Britain. You can contact AoS directly to help push for your dispute.

4. Seafarers’ Club – The Seafarers’ club main aim is to cater it club members, other sailors, and their families to supplement the membership services and welfare division of distress.

The club was founded and registered in 2010 by seacar co-operative Ltd. This is to promote social, recreational welfare and culture of its members. Seafarers can also contact Seafarers’ Club or SOS help.

Note: To help other Seafarers in reaching to the right authorities. Please kindly comment any local or international bodies details that can be responsive to help calls in below comment box.