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Proper Lifting Techniques at work

Proper Lifting Techniques

In all physical labor, wrong object lifting techniques can lead to body or back pains. Irrespective of your rank onboard ship, there is a good chance that you may still have to put in a little muscle power to move some objects.

The importance to know the correct lifting techniques is therefore necessary for every individual working on-board ship and/or onshore bases. To make this article short and well understood, I will like to list and explain proper methods in which one can lift an object without dislocating his or her backbone.

As we all know, the human backbone (Spinal anatomy) serve as a strong pillar of the body structure. It also holds the utmost role in regards to the body movements. It is designed to be incredibly strong, protecting the highly sensitive nerve roots, yet highly flexible and providing for mobility on many different planes.

What are the anatomical Problems that Cause Back Pain?

According to the researchers, complex structures in the spine can lead to pain and pain can be concentrated backbone, and/or be referred to other parts of the body system. Furthermore, wrong lifting technique may critical cause injury which will lead to intricate structures of the backbone.

Proper Lifting Techniques
Proper Lifting Techniques

Having said that, before you lift any object (Tools, Box, Equipment, etc), you need to consider or examine yourself about; how heavy the object is? , what is the distance to move the object to? , what is the passageway like? , etc.

Once you can have answered the above questions, next is to know your body position while lifting the object see video here.

What are the proper Lifting Techniques?

The proper lifting techniques can be check as follows:

  1. Try to know the limits of your own strength
  2. If you are lifting with someone, lift same time with same methods. Because if one person is not lifting it properly, the unnecessary strain will cause your back injury or even both of you.
  3. Never bend at the waist
  4. Make sure to squat down before the lift and lift lower
  5. Make sure to keep your low back bowed in while bending over
  6. Before you stand, bow your back in and raise up with your head first
  7. On any point, you wish to turn, turn with your feet, not your body to avoid weight shift.
  8. Do not twist or jerk to avoid the large nerve roots that go to the legs and arms from getting pinched
  9. While dropping the weight down by keeping your low back bowed in
  10. Make sure to keep your feet apart and distribute the weight


It’s always recommended to check around while onboard ship to see posts and pictures concerning lifting methods. Passenger or crews on-board ship must follow rules to avoid future back pains. You might also like to learn about back pain management

Some young guys will say, I lifted the weight but nothing happened. Believe me, at the age of 50-60, you will understand the importance of this article and that of posts on board your ship.

Therefore, to avoid future problems, follow and make use of proper lifting techniques provided. Work safe and earn safe.

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