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4 Types of tanker ships and purposes they serve

4 Types of tanker ships and purposes they serve

Ships are divided into there functions or purpose of building, here are 4 Types of tanker ships and purposes they serve. In the early years of oil and gas transportation, the oil was carried in barrel in conventional cargo vessel.

The majority of chemical carries are petroleum and natural gas, while others are made for coal or coal gas and carrying passengers as well. But today, all of these vessels has been modernized in such a way that every ship are built to it purpose.

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   On this article ,  we will like to list and analyze in summary the types of tanker ships we have presently and there built purposes. In recent age, tanker ships are divided into four types and which some maritime students do hear about them, but probably will like to know little understanding about them. Below are listed types of tanker ship,there purpose and proportion type.

Four Types Of Tanker Ships

1.       Gas Tanker: This type of ship falls into two main divisions according to the two main cargoes concerned i.e ( Liquefied natural gas & Liquefied petroleum gas carriers ) . they are built with double hull in which the inner one are either box or cylindrical shape , while the side tankers can serve as ballast tanks which stabilize the ship. These type of ship uses stem engine for proportion.
2.       Oil Tanker: there are also two types on this category of tanker ships , i.e ( crude oil and product tankers). They have two longitudinal bulkheads which run through the entire length of the cargo space, providing three athwart ship compartments.  The pump room are been place forward of the engine room which enables fast and high discharge rate of the cargo. They use motor engine (diesel engine )for proportion.
3.       Combine Tanker : Combination tankers are type of tankers designed to carry both dry and liquid bulk cargoes . these cargoes are ranging from Oil, bulk, ore and oil/ore. Also been propel by motor engines.
4.       Bitumen Tanker: this type of ship is specifically built to handle the produce of at high temperature. The construction or arrangement are done in such a way they are built to carry double bottom and wing tanks to isolate the bitumen from the shell, and attached with more elaborate heating  coils or tubes than in a normal tankers. They are also propel by motor or stem engines.
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