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Top 10 Worldwide Merchant Navy Cadetship Program jobs provider

Merchant Navy cadet program

Unlike other careers, Cadetship in the maritime field is the act of young personnel undergoing preliminary training onboard the ship/vessel. This normally comes before full entry to Merchant Navy or Maritime shore base services for officer status.

There are companies that provide opportunities for the best students from various marine academies worldwide to come on board their ship for cadetship that lasts up to 6 months or more. The ships might be ranging between; container vessels, Oil and chemical tankers, Bulk carriers, passenger/cruise vessels, etc.

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In this article, we are going to point out the most active companies that support and train the young Merchant Navy officers on their vessels ranging from 3 to 9 months. Base on the performance of the individuals, he or she might be retained as a permanent crew.

Marine companies With Cadetship Program jobs

Maersk – This is a well-known merchant ships company worldwide, they provide opportunities for the best students from Marine Academies to come on board their vessels twice a year, on a cadetship that lasts 6 months on both container vessels and tankers. As stated by the Cadetship department, “If you have initiative, ambitious nature and are self-disciplined, willing to work in a dynamically developing company” then contact Maersk to start your cadet training now.

Chiltern maritime ltd – This company also support young top students to rich in their best career wishes. According to the information provided on their website, you can transform Your Future by Starting your officer cadetship with their help and guidance. With Chiltern maritime, the opportunities are now open to you and the experience in getting cadetship and work at sea or shore side as Officers throughout the UK and Worldwide. See more information about Chiltern Maritime cadetship.

Anthony Veder – This is a gas shipping company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, offering a modern fleet of gas carriers. They work with various Manning Agents to offer job opportunities to seafarers. They also provide a cadetship program to young professionals. Learn more about Anthony Veder cadet program 2020.

V.Ships– V. Ships cadet training program allows you to board any other V.ship manning vessels both international and coastal trading ships. The program procedures depend on the V.ship branch requirement. You can check for any V.Ship office close to you to apply.

ABB Ship Management Pvt. Ltd – This is an Indian based company with also effort to promote young maritime professionals’ career interest. They offer jobs to GP ratings (with a GP Rating Deck/Engine Course), Deck (to have done DNS/Bsc Nautical Science/HND) and Engine (Graduate in Marine Engineering/ HND in Marine Engineering/B.Tech Marine Engineering) cadets. check out more details at ABB Ship Management.

Marlow Navigation – This also one of the well-known ship management company that also offer cadetship programs from different marine academies. Their branch offices are in Ukraine, the Philippines, Russia, Germany, and the EU. Also can learn more about Marlow Navigation cadet program.

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CSL Shipping – “They own and manage a diversified fleet of vessels, ranging from the latest-generation of self-unloaders to purpose-built transhippers”. In addition, the company offers jobs to seafarers around the world including cadets and ratings. Though the rate of cadet employment is low, it still depends on your location and the branch office you applied from. Learn more from CSL shiping website.

maritime-union – This is another Place you can search for cadetship jobs, most marine agency post cadetship vacancy there. But try to be careful not to fall into criminals who will like to collect your money in other to offer you a job. All marine jobs are free, do not pay before joining.

Crew Data – If you wish to expand your search, Crew data is another amazing place to look for available marine agents. On like Maritime union, some fake crewing companies might like to post fake cadet jobs, demanding for money for visa, flight ticket, etc. Be careful.

Sea career – This seafarer recruitment site also delivers cadetship program via agents, but it’s not that much active for cadets, but one need to check always for a lucky day.

Note: All of the above-listed companies and recruiters are in no way linked or has a connection with marine and offshore insight. Also not in any way be a form of advertisement for the above listed. We recommended the above listed due to emails from cadets asking for jobs.

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