Best Free ship tracking websites

5 Best Free ship tracking websites

Automatic identification system (AIS) has made it easy for seafarers, charterer party, ship owners, and management to easily use free ship tracking system for live information even while the ship is underway.

This system provides details like; ship speed, location, flag, port of call, ship particulars, etc. unlike in the earlier maritime industry age, were people visit ship head office to request for details regarding arrival time, ship condition, location etc.

Presently you can just visit some top free ship tracking websites and easily check information regarding a particular ship right from your mobile phone and/or computer.

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These five free ship tracking websites with the help of AIS, not only help the seafarers, owners, and management but also in terms of passenger ships, it helps your loved ones to check your ship status as well as to make up a time to welcome you at the seaport.

   Free ship tracking websites

Its recommended to mostly seafarers to know more details of a ship before joining. Sometimes some agents can be fraudulent, giving you fake details in other to take your hard work money from you. Also to help you ( our reader ) in search of how to track ship details, below are five well known free websites you can visit and search for your ship details ;

  1. EQUASIS: This ship tracking website comes first on the list because it gives more ship details, they have good tool aimed at reducing substandard shipping and its services are totally free. A user only requires registering and login before conducting any ship search. Equasis also have an official mobile app to help users track even while on the way.
  1. MARINE TRAFFIC: Marine traffic is another good vessel tracking website which also proved you with ship details, photos, etc. To view full details, you will need to register as a company or crew. Its all free and fast loading tools. Marine traffic offers an official mobile app to help users track even while on the way.
  1. VESSEL TRACKER: Vessel tracker is also one of the well-known ships tracking website with good tools to track and display live status of your ship. You can also watch videos of live events as happened at sea. It’s not confirmed if they have a mobile app, but if confirmed the official app, we will update and attache link.
  1. VESSEL FINDER: Unlike marine traffic, vessel finder is one of the top ships tracking website with a great tool. They also offer news related to maritime. Their service is free, but users need to be registered to check for deeper details. The official mobile app is fast loading and light.
  2. FIND SHIP: Find a ship is a simple tool for ship search which looks alike with Google earth. They basically offer short ship details like; call sign, live speed, Estimated time of arrival (ETA), etc. Their mobile App is light and fast loading. 
  3. SHIP INFO – This is one of the best platform for seafarers, crewing and ship owners companies. Ship info app provides more detailed services when it comes to free AIS app. Not only that the app is equiped with futures and data form commercial ships fleet, like: deck equipment, engine equipment, ship particulars, communication equipment, radio, Ship status, schedules voyage, vessel position, Vacancies, ship pictures and comments from seafarers who have worked onboard the ship. With the comment system, seafarers can know more about the ship from other guys who worked onboard the ship.  

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NOTE:  The listed websites are only here to help our readers, seafarers, companies, passengers, etc, who may find this list useful and quick understanding. Therefore in NO WAY serve as an advertisement for those sites.  Also, understand that the sequence of the list is not for ranking or of such kind.

If you know more ship tracking websites which you can recommend for our readers or have an opinion about the above article, please kindly leave your comments below or contact us.

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