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5 important things seafarers most consider before bringing their wife onboard.

5 important things seafarers must consider before bringing their wife onboard.

Here are 5 important things seafarers most consider before bringing their wife onboard.

In shipping industries,  crews onborad are not allow to bring their family or wife onboard due to some certain reason,  but in the other hands,  some shipping companies do allow only the top 4 officers (Captain, Chief engineer, Chief mate, 2nd Engineer) to bring their wife onboard ship at Port or even sail with them.

Since life at sea is not eating bread & tea,  there’s need to consider some points,  in other to avoid accidents or loss of life. On this article,  we are going to list at least five important things you need to consider while bringing your wife or family onboard.

1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS : Since ship is not just a working place but also a floating object, in other to bring your family onboard,  you must make sure they understand the mean reason why they should follow all ship safety precautions,  while you need to take time to explain them one by one.

2. FOOD SELECTION : In many cases,  some people are very selective in terms of food and water.  This is actually due to there body system or recommendations from the doctor.  In this case,  as a seafarer who like to bring your wife onboard,  you must make sure she do not select food or waters…

But if she does,  there’s need to personal provide those things she likes to eat to avoid over stressing the cook onboard or putting other crews on inconvenience.

3. BODY REACTION : As I have mentioned earlier,  ship which is a floating vessel has another effects like sea water odor .  Not everybody’s are comfortable with the sea odor therefore you must be sure that her body reactions to the sea odor is normal.

4. RESPONSIBLE  : Seafarers are very responsible fellow, therefore their wives must also be very responsible,  in other to meet up with the onboard behavior.  Otherwise you may loss your relationship while onboard.

5. DRESSING : Ship are mainly men who works on her,  therefore before your wife leaves home to ship,  she must know better on what type of dressing she must put on,  while wife onboard ship.  It has happened where captain was tempted with his chief mate wife dressing and got no option than to mess up the relationship.  So it is very important to take note.  Do not put other crews in temptation.

These are authors view,  but you can contribute more on the comment box below.  Thanks.

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