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Five important safety measures you need to know onboard ship.

Five important safety measures you need to know onboard ship

First of all, I will like to give the meaning or definition of the word SAFETY.  The word safety “is a condition of being protected safely from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury”. Here are Five important safety measures you need to know while onboard ship

Everybody who newly join the ship, always wish to work and earn safely, but in some cases, you will find such person, placing his or her self on high risk while working(probably no safety officer around or wish to be free). Always remember that everyone onboard the ship are trained safety officer ; meaning you need to act in a direction in which you and your crew members will be safe.

On this article, we are going to list five important ways in which ship crews most maintain safety onboard without waiting for any safety officer to correct or report you. But before I list them, I will like to give some live story of the newly joined 4th engine.

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” the first day this young man joined the vessel, he went to the captain to submit his documents has been done onboard by regulations, then what captain asked this young man was ‘ what is fire triangle ‘ he tried to answer the question but behold  after 3 days onboard, during sailing,there was an emergency in engine room where everyone was busy and  the 3rd engineer sent him and cadet to open lube oil filter of the generator that just shut down.

Since the engine was just stopped, the 4th engineer was expected to put all safety precautions(putting on required PPE)  in place before opening, but he tried to open a hot filter without hand gloves, checking for pressure build up, etc and even the cadet remained him to open drain to check for pressure, but he didn’t take the advice…. he opened and pressure was pushing out  very high in which hot oil started spreading to the exhaust of the other running generators, and in such condition, he left the cadet who was holding the cover ( trying to tight back) and ran to his cabin to change coverall ”  No safety, and placing other lives at risk.

crew safety

what are the five ways to maintain safety onboard?

1)  Put on your personal protective equipment (PPE)

2) Always check line pressures before you open any close space

3) Vent any in close space before entering

4) Read instructions very carefully before using any equipment onboard

5)  Check for expiration dates before using any drugs, food, etc.