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5 luggage mistakes you should avoid – seafarers.

Seafarers job is a type of fickle career which one must take precautions in every step. There are numerous mistakes which have been done by some seafarers during sign-on or sign-off from their ship.

This mistakes are very expensive and require not to be made. Following the mistake of a seafarer who was to join onboard a vessel, I wish to share more information, to our audience to avoid such unpleasant incident.

luggage mistakes to avoid
Seafarer luggage collection, image from illustration only all rights reserved

The story of the resent incident happens with one of our Indian crew, who were to join a ship in Singapore. He prepared everything but made one luggage mistake. This seafarer, instead to travel with his documents alongside with his hand luggage, he chooses to put them in main luggage. On arrival to Singapore, he discovered that his luggage is missing.

What went wrong with his luggage?

The airline, probably did not transfer his luggage to the next flight or his luggage didn’t leave India with the flight. While at the air port to pick up the seafarer, we tried to log “lost but found” request, while asking the young man about the luggage contents, he listed all documents including other items.

At this point, we have to verify which type of documents, he said all his STCW, CDC,COC, etc.

Also, see requirement for seafarers certificate of competency (COC)

Now we had no option than to send the seafarer back home from the airport, because ship is to leave in the next 6 hours and the airline can not provide the luggage in 6 hours time.

The luggage mistake a seafarer shouldn’t do.

During sign-on or sign-off from a ship, we recommend you not to make the following luggage mistake:

1. Never pack your documents alongside your main luggage.

2. Do not forget to take some few clothes along with you on your hand luggage.

3. Never drop your hand luggage containing your documents with an unknown person

4. All expensive items like gold, laptops, mobile, money, etc should go along with you. Not to be store in main luggage.

5. Before you leave home, make enquiries about local carriage laws, to avoid being embarrassed at the airport

We strongly believe that, this information might help someone who might have not witness luggage loss before.

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This information might not only point to seafarers only, but also as a traveling guide to our audience.

To add more point to this article, kindly drop your comment below, to assist others who might fall a victim.

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