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Most of young seaman and women are likely to face challenges when it comes to decision making. Off course not everyone was born with full knowledge of everything on earth, therefore the need of researching and taking the right course at the right place is the key points to navigate through your successful career.

Having written some articles related marine ratings courses and how to apply for it, let’s quickly answer the questions regarding where to embark on maritime cookery course or ship cookery training course.

Why undergo marine cookery courses?

According to maritime tradition, “Cooks are responsible for preparing all meals for the crews and passengers on board the ship”. Since vessels are floating objects, it’s important to handle her professionally to avoid incidents like fire, injuries, hygiene misconduct,etc.

Therefore, the STCW 95 guideline, mandates that all ship’s cooks must hold a Certificate of Competency as either Ship’s Cook part 1 or preferably part 2. In Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world some technical colleges offer this course, for example in UK, Glasgow Metropolitan College , in Ukraine Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute, etc.

What other courses and certificates required by ship’s cook?

In addition to the ship’s cook competency, it’s also mandatory to have STCW 95 basic safety training consisting of the following courses:

  • Personal Survival Techniques,
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting,
  • Elementary First Aid,
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities,
  • Security Awareness Training (The Designated Security Duties training may be optional base on companies requirements)
  • ENG1 seafarer’s medical (Must be carried out by an MCA approved Doctor).

Where is an affordable Maritime Institute to obtain ship’s cook training?

Since we are basically working with Ukrainian maritime institutes, to help train most of our seafaers and staffs, we always recommend our audience as such. Having find most training centres and Institute fully complaint with the international maritime training standard, affordable, and competent teachers. When it comes to international recognised and affordable, we can recommend you institutions like:

  • Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute Which was previously known as “Institute of post-graduate education “OMTC”, Kherson branch”. According to the official information, “It was established around 21.02.2000 and aimed at providing of high-quality training, retraining and upgrading of seafarers working on the ships of Ukrainian and foreign shipping companies. Educational process in the Institute is provided according to STCW/78 as amended, ISM Code, ISPS Code and IMO recommendations, national and shipping companies’ requirements with issuing of all necessary maritime documents. Faculty of training and post-graduate education of maritime industry specialists of AUMI conducts training of students on specialty 271 “River and Maritime transport” due to the following specialisations: – “Navigation” – “Operation of ship power plants” -“Operation of ship’s electrical and automation equipment”. The specialisation course last for four years. Also, they offer technical and vocational education – “the department conducts training of seafarers on the base of complete secondary education on the following occupations: Ship electrician, Motorman, Seaman, Ship’s Cook,Bartender. The above Professional trainings program last from 22 to 28 weeks.”
  • Odessa National maritime academy/university also offer similar trainings with little price higher, but well known in Europe. Check admission procedure here or contact us for more information.
  • Kherson State Maritime Academy as well is one of the affordable institutions we will recommend.
  • In UK, as we indicated earlier, Glasgow Metropolitan College also offers technical training course with affordable cost.

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In options of 3 or more best it’s always difficult to pick out first, but evaluation is the solution. We will allow our audience to give more reviews on the comment box below or add more affordable Maritime Institutions to help others who are in search.

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