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Latest Aramco ship inspection review

Aramco ship inspection review

Aramco is a well known state-owned oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are fully integrated global petroleum and chemicals enterprise.

To pass Aramco ship inspections has never being  an easy task. why? Because of the high standardized policy.

I like their policy and standards because it maintain the needed safety requirements also maintain good standard in terms of seafarers salary, serving as a watch dog between the owners , managements and seafarers. Not only that, the policy also help the company on rapid growth and well recommended. You may wish to learn more about recent Aramco ship jobs and standards.

Most of the ship owners who operate or own tanker or offshore vessels wish to have there ship to be chartered by Aramco, but the question always remain about how to pass there inspection review?.

I was once a crew onboard a tanker vessel, which went for Aramco ship inspection. During that inspection a lots of things were not ready as per the list sent onboard from Aramco. We tried all our best to fix things in other, but unfortunately, the time given was out, and the offer was declined.

Aramco ship inspection review
Aramco vessel

What went wrong, why we couldn’t meet up the time?

The ship was poorly managed for the pasted years which results to malfunctioning of some ship equipment’s and ship not in good shape.

Therefore the new management wanted to use three AB to chip and paint the accommodation, deck,and pipes on the deck of 10k tonnage ship within one month period given. While overhauling of all machineries as well a month.

Following the above case study, you will understand that the management wasn’t that serious. For Aramco standard,it was very poor arrangement and shows none serious for business.

Among most offshore companies and chartering parties I have ever worked with, Aramco is the best company in the area of safety, salary payment , etc.

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