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Congestion in Lagos: The Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) To channel ships to Calabar port

Ship channel in Nigerian port - navigation - Wallenus Wilhemsen

Lagos is the largest commercial business state in Nigeria as well as the largest import Nigerian port (sea) and international airport. The state is over populated and congested due to all in one.

After several years of experiences on congestion in Apapa port, the NPA has decided to share cargo discharging with other ports in the eastern part of the country.

According to a statement by the NPA general manager of corporate strategic communications Mr Jatto Adams said as from 27 January 2020, vessels will be channel to the other terminals in other regions to enable faster discharge and free trading.

Answering the question about why the decision, he said ” In response to the recent increase in the waiting time of vessels calling at the Lagos Port Complex, Apapa, the Nigerian Port Authority have met with shipping companies and terminal operators and arrived at the following decisions aimed at immediately resolving the congestion in the Lagos Pilotage District, ” 

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However, “In the event that all terminals in Lagos cannot discharge any vessels within four days, such vessels will be diverted to the Eastern Ports (other pilotage districts) for immediate berthing” He said.

Benefits of the action taken by the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA)

Mr JattoWhile enlightening more information regarding the action and why it’s immediately important for the Nigerian port authority, he said ” The action and it immediately important is to promote the Ease of Doing Business Policy of the Federal Government and curtail the negative economic impact that the long turn around time of vessels has on stakeholders. We demand for the cooperation of all stakeholders” Mr Jatto said.

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Other benefits as per other business analyst, states that this will not only relief congestion in Lagos rather it will also create a links and expansion in business if fast turns will be achieved.

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