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Consequences for Deck and Engine cadets unemployed

deck and engine cadets

Every year, maritime institutes around the world produce thousands of fresh deck and engine cadets. Each of these young graduates has high hopes of getting good jobs on the maritime field by putting the very best in studies and research while in the academy.

It’s very unfortunate that after all struggling, night readings, high performance in their exams, and acquiring necessary documents, they end up staying roaming around the neighborhood jobless.

The main reasons are not because of poor performance in studies, neither lack of required documents. The reasons are the company’s refuses to create a space for these young professionals.

Why do companies refuse to take junior ranks (3rd mate, 4th engineers, and cadets)?

According to my experience why trying to understand the reasons behind these act as explained by a crewing manager, he added that presently the market in the maritime industry is very bad. Which force all companies to reduce high spending cost.

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He also said that companies prefer to acquire UMS (Unattended Machinery Space) vessels, all because they like to get rid of the seafarer’s salary and crew change expenses. As you can see, it’s not only the junior rank professionals affected, it also the experienced seamen.

deck and engine cadets
engine cadet Image by pntl.co.uk

What can one do to help improve deck and engine cadets unemployed?

In other to help the present conditions of junior rank seamen unemployed, a particular law has to pass through IMO to all the ship owners and managements, given them mandate to employ the young professions (base on the ship size) even at the lower cost for training purpose. With this, sea job will be available for cadets.

What are the consequences for seafarers junior rank unemployed?

As we all know, unemployment of the youths are the most dangerous to the neighborhood. It’s quite understand that every living human will find way for living when hunger comes. Therefore keeping young sea professionals unemployed may increase the following;

  1. Manipulations of sea experience: This will promote inexperience sea professionals, those who can pass interviews base on theory without knowing the practical basics. In such case sea career will not be safe even as the technologies increases. To become a really trust officer on board ship, it’s very necessary to pass through all levels of ranks starting from cadet.
  1. Sea pirates: In some undeveloped countries, some rich guys or group may hijack such platform to use it against the maritime industry. While employing these professionals for illegal operations, attacking ships, etc. This is because the people who were meant to serve for good are left idle, no-hoper and helpless.
  1. None confident in maritime industry: We could record that, previously people do not like to travel by sea as well as cargos and ships do lost off ocean. All these were manage by introducing the system we are in today. This system has contributed in keeping maritime industry safe and trusted transportation mode. If we start to have inexperience professionals to handle the ships, we may end up returning to the previous sea accidents which are cause by human errors.

There are other consequence unemployment of the deck and engine young professionals may cause, but we will like to read more from the audiences. Join this discussion by sharing your point or correction on below comment box.

You can also invite other friends to join this discussion; hopefully things may change as we share to reach the top guys.

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