Engine and Deck Cadet vacancy

Engine and Deck Cadet vacancy

Maritime or shipping service has created a lot of job opportunities worldwide. Today, because of world crisis, the shipping companies have reduced there the way of employing crew members on-board.

Only a few companies do demand for Cadet officers to work with them. Now to tell you the secret about it, “If you do not have COC, no company will take you as a cadet. Why because, they believe that if you have for example 4th or 3rd class certificate of competency, after your cadet program with them, you will remain their worker, and in that case, they can spend less than what they spend before employing old or experience guys”

There are companies out there who also offer cadet program, but you need to pay some cash, for them to fix you into such a position. If you are looking for a Cadet program you can go to maritime Union .

Some seamen, find it difficult to get a job at sea, our aim is to help you provide valuable information, with links and where to apply for your job. We also can offer you service on preparing all your seamen documents or renews. If you need our service or want to know more information, please contact us via e-mail

Please note: you can also send your CV to ship owner or operators direct, here is list of ship owners send your CV as many you can, you will surely have one contacting you. But the secret is this “You must prepare good CV”

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