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Five common things about seaman career

Five common things about seaman career

Five things  you must know about offshore  or common things about seaman career

People like to join Maritime Career,  maybe  because there friends are doing well on it or because they love to travel from one country to another,  that is all part of it.  On this article will like to enlighten you on things you need to know before embarking on an offshore or seaman career.

There’s need to know these Five things before you proceed to seaman profession:

1) Job offer : It’s known that seafarers or marine offshore workers are always in search of job. This is because the nature of the job and/or company’s salary differences makes it very difficult to place someone on permanent staff, as been done in an onshore jobs. Therefore you must have it in mind that no company may keep you as permanent staff for long; highest maybe 6 years and you will get tied of same company.

2) Family : This is another important point for some people who may love to see or be close to there families always. You must note that “to become a seafarer,  it means you agree to miss your family for months while at sea” , because no company will allow you to go home daily or weekly to see your family, except if your contract is on weekly basis.

3) Unstable salary : There’s an option of low and high salary in many cases,  so you must not put your mind in what others receive. Every on negotiate his or her salary pending on your capabilities.

4) Risk : In an offshore jobs, there are a lot of risk to take; a) risk of life b)  risk of  injury.  But if you maintain all safety precautions,  you will work safely and earn safely.

5) Sea illness : While first time at sea,  people use to fall sea illness like; vomiting,  purging and others.  So you must know your body status before joining the ship.