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Four important things sailors must avoid while onboard ship

Four important things sailors must avoid while onboard ship

The word ” SAFETY FIRST”  is very important. Many sailors do practice all safety precautions but forgot that some little things they do could lead them into unsafe stay onboard.

On this article,  we will like to mention some mistakes you must avoid while onboard the ship.

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1. Listen to music or watch movies with headphones: to listen to music or watch movies is good because it removes stress and boring time.  But you must not use headphones to block your ears or play it very loud in such a way that when an alarm comes up,  you will not be able to hear it.

2. Get drunk: many sailors like to drink,  mostly those who sail in cold area.  But in some cases,  you will find out that some people overtook them.  To be drunk onboard could cost you not to attend any emergency or escape from any emergency around you.

3. Embarking ship with highness: sometimes you may go outside the ship while at Port or at anchorage probably to get one or two things for yourself,  maybe your ship alcohol policy is highly prohibited, then you choose to do it outside and come back with highness.  No it’s bad because I have been a witness of a cook who went out and got drunk after he gets to the middle of the pilot ladder,  he fell down to the water,  before rescue came,  he couldn’t survive it.

4. To Keep malice with your fellow crew: onboard ship,  all crew use to see themselves as one family because,  in case of emergency,  we all join hands together to rescue each other. Also if anything happens to you,  the people onboard are first to take care of you.  So you most like and be happy with everyone because you don’t know whom God will use to rescue you in an emergency time.

Think safe,  work safe and earn safe.

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