Four reasons why Seafarers are poor

Four reasons why Seafarers are poor

Seafarers career are widely good earning job, but still you will find most of them who are still on service and those who are off service are very poor. On this article, we will like to give four important reasons why Seafarers got there Self into situation.

1. Management : seafarers lack management when you come to finance, this cost them to miss use the money they are been paid why onboard. In such case, you will find some seafarers spending money like someone who earn money from illegal way at beer clubs, restaurants, etc.

2. Family : unfortunately, some seafarers got very bad wives who use there very hard worked and risk money anyhow. These also cost the seafarers to come back home to meet nothing but empty account, of which when he plans to go back to sea, he end up borrowing money for agent fee and others.

3. Fear of exams : sea job is a ranking job which requires reading and taken exams in stepping up to the upper ranks. some people feel very lazy to read or go for exams, which I believe they feel comfortable with there little rank and earnings. Age which wait for no one passes very fast and before you know it, this person remain either rating or low rank till the end of his career age.

4. Unconcerned : some rating for example do feel unconcerned about the duties of there superior, which makes the very poor in performance and ship owners do not take people who do not improve there job quality. In this case, they end up staying at home looking for job from year to year and end up earning nothing for themselves.

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