Get Familiar With Free CES 4.1 and STA 4.0 marine test

Deck and engine - Free CES 4.1 and STA 4.0 marine test

To our crews and audience, see below the free online CES 4.1 and STA 4.0 marine test and Free CES41 windows installation program.

CES (Competence Evaluation System) – This is a marine computer program for comprehensive testing of knowledge of seafarers for compliance with the requirements of the international convention STCW-78/95.

CES 4.1 installation consists of two parts;

  • Testing: The testing part of CES 4.1 Test is intended for testing.
  • Administration: CES 4.1 Administrator allows you to view test results. You can separately view your incorrect answers, and the correct answers will also be shown. It is convenient for training purposes.

To start the test, enter your data(Name, date of birth, etc), select your Rank, and indicate Department (Engine or deck).

Ship Ranks as per levels:

Management Level: Captain, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, While operational Level: Officer of the Watch(2/O, 3/O, deck Cadet), Engineer of the Watch(3/E, 4/E, Engine Cadet), Electrician Engineer.

Installation location: rest CES41 is installed by default in the C: / CES folder, it is not possible to arbitrarily change the installation folder.

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There are two options for installing CES41: 1. CES3000 is installed on the computer (also by default in the C: / CES folder). In this case, run the Setup.exe file, the CES41 program is installed, no additional settings are required. Enter Start – Seagul AS – Ces4.1 Administrator Enter the admin password in the bottom line of the Enter password and press Enter key. Click below to download CES 4.1 installation.

Download Free Windows CES4.1 Installation program

In case your computer does not have CES3000 installed. Then run the Setup.exe file from the distribution folder. After the installation is complete, restart the computer. Then Enter Start – Seagul AS – Ces4.1 Administrator, Enter the admin password (admin) in the bottom line of the Enter password and press Enter key. In the window that opens, CES4.1 Administrator, click on Configuration. Enter the number 470108-36-26330 into the Serial Number window. Click on Close in the upper right corner of the window. Click Close again in the upper right corner of the window to exit the administration mode. This program is for seafarers Training purposes, you can also check correct answers to enable you evaluate even more. Here are the correct answers to the CES 4.1 test.

Online CES 4.1 marine Test

Click on Start Quiz to begin


As they use to say, Practice makes perfect …. Here we have made it simple to run easy CES test online for training purposes… Please note, the questions might be different from that of your examiner …. Only some words has been changed from the original one.

To start the test, click on “Start Quiz” Below

Ces 4.1 Test

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