Navigational lights and Meanings.

Navigational lights and Meanings.

Navigational lights are colored lights use in ships, aircrafts and other space vessels to indicate there position and direction or heading status.

On this article, we will like to enlighten our readers the basic knowledge about Navigational lights and there functions.In shipping, these lights are five in number ; white on forward and aft, red port side(left) , green Starboard(right) , and one on the mast head (above the monkey island).

Following the descriptions of these lights, the red and green light is use to indicate between to moving vessel which side direction she is heading to, in other to take clear for each other. While the forward and aft light shows the length and position of the vessel.

According to the international mandatory regulations, the mast head light which is the 5th light, is mounted in other to permit other ships to determine the type and relative angle of the ship. Also to know how danger of her, if collision.

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