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Nigerian cadet and seafarers cry for NIMASA help

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, who claimed to be committed to the enthronement of global best practices in the provision of maritime services to it citizens and globally, seems to have failed to meet up with it position and global standards.

From the social networks, lots of Nigerian cadets and seafarers are crying very loud on how NIMASA has made their career become a nightmare.

Example of an open letter to NIMASA written by Nigerian marine cadets ;


I write to your with my pen from the minds of agonizing seafarers Why did you lie to us?

With your promises like an Easter Bonnie

Why did you lie to us? You said our license is unlimited

But it is has now been our limiter

You made us believe in cabotage law Oh there’s placement for cadets, you said Our shoes itself now know the way from Tin Can to Onne In search of your promises Why did you lie to us?

Breaking News, thousands of seafarers placed onboard Yes, onboard MV Streets of Apapa Your documents is accepted worldwide, can it be verified?

We have made laws to protect the seafarer, you said The taskmaster laughs, knowing its a joke What’s then the hope of a common Nigerian seafarer?

Chai, maritime world don see us finish cause you aided them Should we mention that there’s no Discharge book for seaman

What about our welfare? You already said they’re doing us a favour By giving us peanuts as wages We no lazy, for us, na you no busy

To make things easy ‘Cause this pain make us feel dizzy We know say you dey try But you can do better, make we no cry We hope you understand the language of our tears.

By Ebin

It’s very unfortunate that a country of more than 200 million people are not capable to produce a standard order for youths who are willing to serve at sea.

We at Marine and offshore insight are very committed to continues supporting and providing assistance worldwide to hardworking and knowledgeable seafarers.

To those in need of practical and/or certificate of competency (COC);

We welcome all our esteemed colleagues and friends into the 2024 session of license evaluation and upgrading, which is slated  started by March the 8th, 2024. We are happy to announce that the following flag licenses will hold their course program during this period up to late summer. Australia,Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Liberia, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, Hong Kong, Sweden and Malta .

Send and email for those interested to info@marineandoffshoreinsight.com

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