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   SEAGULL CBT CD-0 to CD-0612 Free Download

As we promised to share links to where to get them, Now the following list can be downloaed : 1. SEAGULL CBT. CD-0. Seagull Navigator 2000

Free Download of Seagull Computer Base Training for Seafarers

We received whatsapp chat and email from some seafarers and marine students who wish to train on the latest seagull computer based training program. As we promised to share links to where to get them,

Now the following list can be downloaed :

1.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-0. Seagull Navigator 2000

2.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-000. Seagull Admin 2003

3.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-001. Personal safety 2005

4.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-0001. Personal safety 2009

5.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-002. Ship General Safety 1998

6.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-0002. Ship General Safety 2009

7.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-003. Safety Equipment 2008

8.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-004. SOPEP 1998

9.    SEAGULL CBT. CD-0004. SOPEP 2009

10. SEAGULL CBT. CD-005. ISM Code 2006

11. SEAGULL CBT. CD-0005. ISM Code 2009

12.  SEAGULL CBT. CD-006. OPA-90 2000

13. SEAGULL CBT. CD-006. OPA-90 2007

14.  SEAGULL CBT. CD-006. OPA-90 2008 NEW

15. SEAGULL CBT. CD-007. Inert Gas Generator 1998


17. SEAGULL CBT. CD-009. Fuel Oil System 1997

18. SEAGULL CBT. CD-0009. Fuel Oil System 2009

19.  SEAGULL CBT. CD-010. Marine Fuel Handling 2001

All listed above and more, including Marlins – ISPS, Marlins – Environmental awareness, Marlins – Risk assessment,Marlins – Accident investigation course, etc,  Click on download botton to select what you wish to train on.

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