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6 useful things to remember before joining the ship as new on sign

Crews sometime forgot things required of them during on sign. Below are six useful things to remember before joining the ship.

When I was joining the ship for first ship,I was very confused on what required of me to take from home. I made a lots of research on the internet, I call some friends to ask. But my question was not direct therefore they couldn’t answer it properly. Then I decided to just take my clothes ( three T-shirts and three Jeans), shoes ( for bathroom and to walk in accommodation).

Six useful things to remember before joining the ship as new on sign

Yes, I was somehow right on the area of less baggage and to look smart. But on other hands, there are things which I required to take or add to the ones i already had before joining the ship. They are things to keep me happy and easy to stay onboard the vessel. Those things are as follows ;

  • Extra safety shoes and coverall :


Many companies do not supply you with extra safety shoes and coverall (boiler suit) while joining the ship, but they will give you contract of about 6+/- months. Therefore it’s important you consider going with new extra coverall. Because it will keep you smart, safe, and always clean looking.

This is very important point, which you most not forget; during preparation of joining the ship, remember all your seaman certificates, medical certificate and national passports are required to be carried along with you, because those documents can confirm your personality. As well make easy for your travelling.

  • Computer with entertainments :


In many occasions, ship job is not an easy task mainly as an officer on-board or even ratings. Therefore it’s important you have some entertaining materials like films, books,musics and others. Someone may ask why this point is important? or what about MLC act which states; for all ships to have WiFi, entertaining equipment (TV, film,etc) for the crews?. Sure that is true but not all ship owners and management comply with that law. Sometimes you many have depression either because you miss your family or about work pressure. This point will really help you to stay entrtained. Meaning if you plain joining the ship, try as much as possible to add these things.

  • Extra warm clothes :


Warm clothes are required in case you work in rain, cold area or meet bad weather. This will help you keep yourself warm. Also you are required to go with stockings if you really need it. I have seen people who put on safety shoes without stockings. Some even use one stocks for 6 months of contract. To keep your legs clean and odour-less, take more stockings.

  • Tooth paste, brush, hair cut machine:


I have seen a situation where a seafarer left his home without these required things and they start to borrow it onboard. The best thing to do while joining the ship is to remember to take your machine because it’s private equipment that required of you. Also, not all company supply tooth paste and brushes, take as much as possible, to save you all your contract time.

  • Medications :


There are requirements for all ships to have some basic medications on-board, but in some Ships,you will not find adequate medication or first aid. I was once in Nigeria water ( West Africa). I sail on about four ships were no medical, first aid and safety equipment. But still the officials of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency(NIMASA) do come on board for checks, they never once say anything about it. This is not only about Nigeria, other countries too. Therefore while joining the ship, if you will need any medicine on-board, please try to buy one before going.

The above listed are important to remember. You can also list more point which I might have forgot on the comment box below. Share if this article helps you.

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