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For New ship crew – Here are Important things to consider during ship familiarisation

The main objective of the Maritime safety awareness is to introduce proper shipboard safety and emergency orientation to all ship operators, hence preventing repeated disasters from occurring. Ship familiarisation is important because it helps the newly joined crews to know more better about the vessel.

It’s highly recommended that each individual working at sea or in port think before taking any action which could endanger themselves, the ship and/or their crews:- According to the regulations, all modern ships are designed and equipped with safety devices, also recommend that all crews and officers learn and have it mind at all times.

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On this article, I will like to share basically the major emergencies which may arise on board ship and the required actions that you need to have in mind for your safety, crew, and ship as well.

It’s a mandate that all ship operators undergo safety training, which at the end will be provided with a certificate that qualifies them to work on board ship. This a regulation laid down by IMO, which maintained by the STCW body. While on the course, it’s important that you pay good attention and learn better rules as updated every five years.

Types of shipboard emergencies

On board all ocean ship, there are numerous serious types of accidents which may occur just because of negligence or art of God.

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Most of these emergencies has been encountered by old seafarers and were used as a case study to educate the modern seafarers on the methods to avoid them.

  • Fire emergency :

Fire outbreak may occur on board ship due to faulty or failed operations of equipment…, negligence case of self-ignition which happens due to the careless smoker in the cabin or leaving faulty mobile equipment on plug while on duty.

  • Ship Collision :

ship equipment like the main engine, auxiliary engines, rudder etc may likely fail during maneuvering, which can lead to a collision with another close ship or rock. Sometimes, inadequate watch keeping can as well cause such incidents. It’s recommended that all equipment and watchkeepers are check by the officers and note how well they perform their duties.

  • Ship Grounding :

Navigational or human errors may as well lead to shipping grounding or stranding. This is likely to that of a collision, which bad weather, anchor dragging or machinery failure mostly causes of such incidents.

  • Ship Hull leakage :

Ship hull which is always in pressure, frictional force, etc may have leakage on her hull, pipes, hatches. All of this incidents have happened and were taken as a case study on how to manage them to avoid happening again.

  • Man overboard :

The man overboard can happen due to; a slippery deck, careless of the crew, broken rusted point where the individual is been secure while working on; a height, drunk, etc.

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Every Maritime company has it policy rule guiding this incident, also it’s the duty of the ship crew to rescue the person involved as fast as possible. All these are part of the rescue boat course, which you need to familiarise yourself with.

What to do in case of ship emergency alarm sounds?

As you basically know the types of emergencies which may occur on board ship as listed above, they all place a high life danger and most of them can lead to abandoning ship, loss of lives and cargos at sea.

Therefore your efficient action is highly require during any of the above-listed emergencies or any related incident. All duties and responsibilities of every crew during an emergency are print and place in your bunk; gangway and/or crew mess room. While new on board, it’s important that you take your time to go through them ;

  1. Know your duties in case of emergency
  2. Read and understand the company safety and training manual for best chance to cope with any of the emergencies.
  3. Be prepare at all time, as no emergency gives warning while coming. It can happen anytime.

Note all the rules are to keep you safe at sea, follow them, practice them and keep them in your mind at all times. Your safety makes the job more encouraging and to the happiness of your family.

If you learn from this article, share and recommend it to other seafarers.

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