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Snapped Mooring Line Kill one Ship crew and leave two injured

snapped mooring line

On October 8, 2019 it was confirmed that a chief mate who leads on mooring operation during ship arrival to Sagunto port, Spain, was strick dead by a snapped mooring line which as well injured other two crews. The report stated that he dead instantly as confirmed by Paramedics.

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Having seen that happen onboard a general cargo ship “MV YALIKOY”, another incident happened onboard “MV Moryi” on October 26th were chief mate with other crews went inside cargo hole to play cricket, which left one crew dead while ship was under way.

When we talk about safety, it’s importantly for every individual onboard. Mariners watch each others back, and companies SMS is not just for fun, it’s ment to guide crews behaviour while onboard.

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In many cases, incidents like the above mentioned are subject to lesson to every seafarer.


1. Never stand reluctantly in or around snapped mooring line

2. An officer in charge need to distance and keep proper watch on the rope behaviour while picking up ropes.

3. Never think about your family problem while in mooring zone.

4. Remember, every rope has strength designed it to operate.

5. Put on Safety helmet, gloves, boots, etc.

6. Keep to masters instructions and make sure the engine assist the rope.


1. Ship cargo hole is meant to carry cargo not for gaming.

2. Any slipping away could result to self disfiguring.

3. No matter hope big and ballast water you carry, ship will roll either ways.

4. After cargo hole sport taking yourself to upper deck could be a task of risk as your body might be weak.

5. Remember, numbers of crews has passed away due to cargo hole games.


Recommendations as they always use to say is either you take it or leave it. When you work safe, it’s for the benefit of you and the company.

Never take incident that happened to others for granted. No one was born to know it all, learn to read instructions and follow it.

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