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Today Captain vs Chief Engineer: Fact About Their Responsibilities

Captain vs Chief engineer responsibilities

Following our last article on the difference between deck and engine department, most mariners reacted in Facebook comments by defining the captain vs chief engineer responsibilities.

Some of the comments were as quote ” both departments play an important role onboard. The deck crew might look clean but they are the shock absorbers of companies inquiries, charterer, and clients demand. For short the master is the overall command because he is responsible for the overall responsibility of his ship” Amazing.

Someone asked, ” Why to create unnecessary friction again?” Underestimated.

Base on the above comments, you will find out that the first statement was knowledgeable to enlighten and support the article in promoting a clear view of both departments and not a friction.

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Moreover, lots of cadets also benefited from that article and comments from the audience. By sharing your experience or knowledge prompt you to learn more.

Captain vs Chief engineer responsibilities
Captain vs Chief engineer Ranks

Now, to give an additional clear view about the topic and responsibilities of the heads ( the captain vs chief engineer), as earlier said, both engine and deck departments are so amazing and will not function without each other.

Captain vs chief engineer responsibilities

According to my experience, Captain vs Chief engineer … both officers have numerous responsibilities. The captain being owner representative and chief in command of the ship work to manage the ship safe navigation, oversee the loading and discharge of cargo or passengers, take responsibilities for the ship and her crews.

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In relation to that, the chief engineer being captains rank mate, by legal sense maintain his or her department autonomously.

Also, he or she holds high responsibilities, to take care of all ship technical maintenance and repairs, maintain constant power supply onboard, cater for required spare parts through the owner or management to keep the ship operational, and as well manage engine crew team welfare.

Having said that, in any operational functions, the captain always consultant chief engineer for both to agree on a common goal in other to archive the ship owners business arm.

The major priority of these two top officers is to oversee the smooth, safe, and quality operations of the vessel across the ocean.

However, it’s unfortunately, people’s minds and understanding sometimes maybe unique. In such cases, both leaders maintain distance from each other, which brings politic onboard ship.


The main objective of this article is to keep the young marines professionals’ mind straight in the area of whose powers is higher than another.

Respect and discipline are the keywords to manage any post. Be you, captain vs chief engineer, the first thing to keep in mind is “you are just an employee” and the owner or management deserve the right to kick you out from his or her business at any time.

The law of nature maintains that someone must be on the lead. That is what the captain represent.

Perhaps, not everyone will understand my point, but if you have a question or contribution, feel free to drop your comments.