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Stowage plan and problems behind it

container terminal

In container vessels, the word stowage plan ” is the method in which different containers are being loaded on board container ships according to the specific standard of its size.”

Furthermore, stowage plan also contributes to the economic maximization of shipping cargos, as well as maintaining the safety of the ship and her crew.

Stowage plan also is known as “bay plan” is mostly use onboard container ships and Ro-Ro container ships.

Basically, it’s very important that all crew working on board the above-mentioned ships to know and familiarise with this plan.


Stowage plan which is also made known to the port terminal operators via an electronic data file can be intercepted by pirates, hijackers, immigrants ( stowaways ) working with planned crime consortium. Therefore to maintain the safety of the ship, it’s important to carry out proper checks, familiarise yourself to the plan as a crew officer onboard.

Purpose of the stowage plan

The stowage plan as said before, help in economic and safety of the ship. This also gives more access for the ship operators to run checks of the individual containers.