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US presidential election result – what it means for international shipping industry

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The US presidential election result is expected to make known any moment from today. As the vote counting continues, lots of international shipping companies and traders are very interested to know the outcome of this year election.

How would the US presidential election result make an impact on international shipping


Having had the promises made by Joe Biden, it’s likely that his leadership will boost more trading with countries harmed with Trump’s trade war, while creating more opportunities for container and dry bulker shipowners.

According to some of the latest maritime analyst, It says that ” With Trump’s support of US crude production, together with his sanctioning of Iran and temporary blacklisting of certain fleets of large tankers, it will be beneficial for the oil industry and tanker markets”.

Meaning, for the container and dry bulk markets, it might not be benefical for them. As the US presidential election result comes in there are so things we most consider or request the incoming president admin to help the industry.

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Other analyst statment by Dr Adam Kent as published on splash247 , its states that “November 3rd presidential election will have a significant impact on the role the US will play in terms of supporting shipping industry demands.


Adding that If Trump remains in power the playbook will remain largely the same as the last four years with protectionism still front and centre on the agenda and a continued push on fossil fuels exports”.

which means Biden could change the playbook to widen the international shipping markets and at the same time boost the economy of the country for the next four years to come.US presidential election

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