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What Is The Full Meaning Of SBM And It Purpose?

What Is The Full Meaning Of SBM And It Purpose?

The Meaning Of SBM?

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SBM simply means “Single Buoy Mooring”
This is a loading and Discharging offshore buoy, which serves as a mooring point and interconnects for tankers loading or discharging of gas or liquid products.

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They are meant to handle any size tanker ship, including VLCC (very large crude carriers) where no other alternative facilities are available.

Purpose And Benefits Of SBM/SPM

SBM which is also known as Single Point Mooring (SPM) are provided to enable the largest and high drafts tankers to load and Discharge directly to the shore base.
This Operation has it benefits as followed;
1. It doesn’t require ships to come to the port and thus save the time of pilotage.
2. Its ability to handle large vessels.
3. It is the ability of loading and unloading larger cargo.