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Why Seafarers are always in hurry, on sign off day?

Why Seafarers are always in hurry, on sign off day?

If you are a seafarer,  you will note that being at sea is the most difficult time,  in terms of missing your Family and friends. Sometime you won’t communicate with them for months.

Therefore upon sign off of any seafarer, they become much in a hurry to reach home on time, meet all their loved ones, etc. Some will be in hurry because of time to meet up with the airplane, or the agent who is to connect him or her to his with the immigration.

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The above reason makes most of the seafarers during there sign off time,  they don’t even remember to collect all their documents or the required information they will need in the next sea sign on.


Please, we urge you all,  to always pay good attention during sign off and pick all required by you.

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