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5 main investments suitable for seafarers

5 main investments suitable for seafarers

Seafarers job is an impermanent job which always bases on contracts and sometimes difficult to manage in relation to finance. On this article, we are going to list five investments suitable for seafarers.

When I started seaman job, I was 21 years old, then I continue to grow by rank from cadet – captain. Unfortunately, during my 3rd and second officer period, I was carried away by most called enjoyment. Lavish the money after one or two months after sign off, clubbing, buying car more than my contract salary, etc.

Since age is not on anyone’s hands, marriage time approached, rank steps up approach, but I’m still in a similar lifestyle. One day, my chief mate whom I senior by age also was my junior in academy shows me his investments and family with kids. I went into my cabin and think about my life. From that day all changed and luckily it was about my sign off time, which I concluded with investment plan and become serious with my girlfriend who never expected that.

That was a life story about how captain John miller’s career started. Now, what changed?

Since I do not have any business ideas, also was afraid of losing money doing business with someone while at sea, I followed the chief mate steps;

1. I sold my expensive car, add money and bought an apartment in the city, which I hand over to agents for rents.

2. Invested in my career by going for my upgrade from 3rd to 2nd and 1st class.

3. Invested more in housing estates, since my first investment was very appreciative one.

4. Invested in auto, since I love cars also had a proper channel of maintaining the business while at sea.

5. Collaborated with my very good engineer to open marine maintenance workshop.

All of the above investments gave me proper stands to leave a sailing job, maintain my family and live fine.

Therefore my recommendation to all seafarers is, “never position your bow to an enjoyment first”. Hope this short article helps your career. Cheers.