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8 main reasons seamen quit sea jobs for onshore job

8 main reasons seamen quit sea job

According to a webinar organized by marine and offshore insight team, it explained the real reasons seamen quit sea jobs.

Every seaman who has been to sea will understand that sea job is a very handsome career. The fact is that job at sea seems to be like football career, where a footballer enjoys his fitness and still get pay.

However, sea job is a risky one which required proper attention, understanding and well trained. In the present time, seafarer’s job has gone down due to too many factors which include;

  1. Poor salary: It’s well understood that most management companies manipulate seafarer’s salary. Officially they show different figure, while they pay little to the seafarer who risks his life to do their job at sea. The ship management companies use to blame bad market in the maritime industry.


  1. Companies owing salaries: The most painful thing in the life of a seaman is for him or her to risk his life, work, make money for the owner and never gets pay. I worked onboard a vessel managed by Crowley accord ship management; they kept all the crews onboard without salaries for 4-6 months. People called, requested, cried to go home, but still, they didn’t send them home. ITF Ghana was called, but they help came. Such cases, really discouraged me to quit the career
8 main reasons seamen quit sea job
Engine Room, Ocean treasure.
  1. Too many laws: every year, there are several laws from the different organization under IMO. All the laws, of course, is to maintain our environment, but still some countries use it as an opportunity to make money. Seafarers do find it difficult to avoid them all.
  2. Poor treatment: Some ship management and owners never take care of the seafarers. Sometimes you will be on board were no water, good food, internet to communicate with your family, entertainment equipment, etc. even as the laws mandated the management and owners to provide such.


  1. Unstable job: Sea career job is not a stable base on its nature. You cannot stay on board for more than 9 months. Even if the company chooses to keep you for more months, you will surely want to go home. Within a few months at home, you will start to look for another job. Meaning you will be always seeking for a job.


  1. Distance from family: Most seafarers do return home to receive an insult of their child calling them “Uncle”. All of these are things that make people quit sea jobs.


  1. Health and fitness: Without good health and fitness, it’s impossible to work at sea. Sometimes age can also contribute to unfit. As you may know, most seafarers of age between 63-68 don’t like to continue with the stress at sea.
  2. Uncomfortable with onboard politics: On board ship, there are so much politics, mainly on deck department. Sometimes you will feel depress of how other guys push you to corner with their politics. Once you make much noise, they will report some lies to the manager office through captain and manager will act directly by pulling the person off from the job. All these make the job boring and uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the above factors are some of the main reasons seamen quit sea jobs and join shore base office job. But still, sea job remains the best place to career. Join the career.

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