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6 Nigerians and 2 Togolese Pirates Arrested 25NM off Lome

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Eight pirates was arrested while trying to escape with a tanker vessel hijacked off port of Lome.

This came as the Togolese Navy received a report from the ship owner regarding their vessel under attack and hijacked off Lome. The report triggered the Togo navy intercepting the attackers.

According to the report published on Togolese official website, the Navy intercepted the vessel “MT Djetona 1″ about 25 NM, while the pirates where taking the crews and the vessel for hostage.

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The 8 armed men boarded the Togolese flagged ship on Sunday night with a rented canoe, and took crews for hostage, while trying to escape with the vessel as per IMB ICC report.

The crews are all safe and ship returned to the owners care. While the criminals are handed over to the authorities.

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