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OWS Just For Show: Two Engineers To Pay $250 000 fine.

Portline bulk international a Portuguese owner company has being find $1.5m in USA for water pollution.

The find came as the crew of their vessel Achilleus admitted that the Oily water separator (OWS) which was installed on vessel was “just for show”.

The owner having attended the pollution case after crew admitted a bulker’s oily water separator (OWS) was “just for show” , they agreed to pay $1.5m, while two of the ship engineers also signed plea agreement.

The two ship engineers are to pay $250 000 each and spend a maximum six years in prison. As per the report, there is no sentencing start date fixed for them yet.

According to the US inspectors and coast guard, it was reported that the false documents was discovered while the ship was docked in port of Charleston in August.

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However, the operation continued as they said; “The oily water discharge practice was to hook up the bypass hose a day or two after the ship left port and leave it connected, under the deck plates, during the oceanic voyage,”while the plea agreement states “Before entering a new port, the hose was disconnected and hidden in a storage room.”

The exposure, came as one of the crew member uncovered to the coast guard inspector that the ship OWS was just for displaying only.

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Adding that they use clean water to manipulate the monitor, while discharging directly on the deck.