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7 Ways To Improve Your Application Process

job application process

Over thousands of seafarers are without jobs and among these numbers are very highly experienced and qualified personnel.  They are not without jobs because of their inexperience, not educated or lack of qualifications, but just because they are yet to know the actual tips on why a recruiter should hire them.

On this article, I will share with you the possible ten ways which will dramatically improve your job application process also a guide on how to process your CV to avoid falling into scam crewing agency.

Improving you Job application process

Firstly, the question you need to ask yourself is ; What Does A Recruiter Need To Know About You?

Whether you are sending your CV to a marine crewing agent, ship Management Company, or direct to the shipowner, the person in charge of employment will actually need to know ;

1. Why You Are Looking For A New Opportunity Or Change Of Company?

Make sure to give a short and understandable statement of fact about why you are in search of new opportunities, the actual reason of leaving your previous company.

2. Evidence That You’re Often Engaged And Passionate

When your CV show long period of unemployed, it automatically interpret to the recruiter that you are not qualified or something is wrong of which the employer will not have the time to find out than checking the next person.  

3. Your Easy and Understandable Job Description or Title

Providing a simple description and title will make it easy for the recruiter to understand all about your request.

4. Your Previous Employment Company Standard and Recommendation.

The standard of previous company matters. When your last company is of a low standard, the higher standard company will find it difficult to employ you on the same rank. Recommendation from your formal company will also contribute a lot to recruiter decision making.

5. Your Fitness (Height and Weight = Approximately Body Fitness).

While sending your CV, it’s important to provide your height and weight. Many recruiters normally look on that first, before even your job title and description. Let’s say your height = 167cm and your weight = 98kg, it will interpret to the recruiter that you are not smart enough for the job.

Unlike the Job seekers, same to the recruiting company and the fact remains what are the things to improve on while processing applications. Below are tips to help both the seafarers and the crewing companies as well;

Keep your Instructions and Job Description Clear

A job seeker or an employer will never understand your need until you make yourself clear to them. Moreover, unclear application instructions are likely one of the top seeker complaints about the entire hiring process and the same also goes to the people seeking a job. Therefore always learn how to make your job descriptions stand out for better results.

Email Confirmation and Reply

Most Asian, African and some parts of European countries are hard to reply to an email in time. Mostly the companies never give a confirmation of email received from jobseekers, which makes it hard for both parties. Both Job seekers and you the employer need more communication, and this is particularly true when it comes to the application process. Once job seekers send in their resume, candidates want to know that a human being received it. And when they don’t get a confirmation, they instantly lose faith in the company. Likewise when the employer sends an email to a seafarer and can’t receive a reply, the loose faith in the person. By adding an application tracking system can also help to know when your emails has been read and when not.

Always Use Clear and Inclusive Language

As we all know, the English language is the main language when it comes to the maritime world while sending an application, it’s advisable to use the right language for better understanding. Avoid jargon and complicated sentences.

Source on Social Media Could Help

Social media has become the link between companies and job seeks. Mostly professional social media like LinkedIn is one of the recommended places to search for jobs or job seekers.

Get Referrals or References

References are very important for both job seekers and recruiters. For a recruiter, researchers confirmed that referrals are often a good way to find high-quality hires. Get recommendations and work with it for qualified crews.

Always Review Your Online Presence

Do you know that most recruiters normally Google your name to find out what you are up for. Review your activity in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, also make sure you look good on LinkedIn (100% complete profile). Make sure to take down or change any comments that reflect badly on you. Total improvement on your social media could help for both the job seeker or employer.

Never Publish Your CV All Over The Internet

When your name is been searched by a recruiter and found out that your resume is all over the internet, it shows that no one is hiring you probably because of qualification or incompetent. To avoid all those thinking or scamming, its important to send or register your CV to a reputable maritime job recruitment websits.

We hope this article helps in your application process and add more guide on avoiding getting into scam trouble.

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