Get certificate of competency( COC )

Get Ukrainian , Georgian certificate of competency

We have our affiliated agency that offers you full help or direction, to get all seamen documents, including the certificate of competency (COC).

Please note, before you contact us on this matter, you must have the following:

Requirements for getting COC in Ukraine After Cadet

1. maritime education (diploma for any approved maritime University or Academy)

2. STCW ( if any.)

3. Marine passport (If any)

4. International passport (with Ukraine open visa)

5. 12 months practicals (minimum)

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NOTE: The above-listed requirements are meant to verify for your eligibility and as well for the process of your invitation and studies program.

Countries we can assist are UK, India, Georgia, and Greece. Base on the documents available and sea experience, we can advise you on which country will be suitable for your COC renewal.

Also, see requirement for seafarers certificate of competency

What are the present required documents for a 2nd mate or 3rd Engineer?

The requirements are that you will have more than 18 months experience on seagoing vessels.

Note: Not tugboat, fishing vessel or towing boat.
Diploma from marine school , Copy of his previous coc or Cadet training book.

Valid scan page of your International passport, Scan pages of your CDc or discharge book ,showing all previous rank and current rank sea service, 23 passport seize (3×4) photos with white background and with tie.

If you have studied in Ukraine previously, and obtain diploma in Ukraine, also indicate while sending your documents.

Other required documents, or questions, contact us.

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