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Amazing English Language learning app for non-technical maritime interactions

Learn languages in augmented reality

On our previous article about maritime English language learning programs, we’ve talked about ways to improve maritime English and specific professional related interactions.

But there are plenty of Mobile apps out there that can offer general language learning courses. The main problem may be the language you are trying to learn English from because a lot of these apps offer a very narrow range of languages from which you can learn English.

Multilingual maritime English Language learning Apps.

One of the most popular and probably the one offering the most languages is Mondly. It provides you with the capacity to learn English from 32 other languages, including Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai. But also, all the available language combinations between these 33 languages (including English).

Learn English languages in augmented reality
Learn English languages in augmented reality – With Mondly app

The design and overall user experience of the app are slick, modern and a gamified. Learning new languages can be easy and fun if done daily. While onboard, you can continue training yourself on the English language and even other included languages.

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In the end, you can improve your general English which will help you both in your career but also with public interactions when you go off-ship, visiting towns and surroundings close to the port.

Use of professional Technical English words.

In the maritime world, there is always a need to use some specific technical words during communications. This will enable the person to understand your request or command better.

Most marine companies prefer a mixed crew, probably to help monitor each other and maintain peace onboard.

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Therefore, the main adopted onboard language remains English. Only if the crews are 100% same nationality. But on the other hands, deck departments mostly communicate to port control on arrival, which requires professional terms to be used. This means the English language is mandatory to know before going onboard vessel.

If you have more related and standard apps that can help seafarers, please kindly share more on the comment box below.

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