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Methods to get rank promotion in Merchant Navy

Methods to get rank promotion in Merchant Navy

Are you Working towards rank promotion in merchant navy? well, it has never been an easy task. It requires more efforts, efficiency, and quality of your knowledge.

In this article, we will like to discuss quick methods which will facilitate your rank promotion in merchant navy. These methods have been used by many seafarers and the results were splendid.

With reference to one of our previous article on enclose space, we gave an example of how simple definition disqualified 2nd mate from getting his desired promotion to chief mate.

As people use to say ” Time waits for no one” the fastest you move on, the better you become. I always believe that any living thing that eats food, always grows, but if in reverse is the case, then invalid.

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Regardless of where you started from (Rating or officer), while working on-board ship, always keep your mindset on career growth.

It’s always two things ” either moveable or static”. Moveable also comes with two options ” either up or down” but the worst of it all is to be static.

Quick ways to get promoted in the merchant navy rank

In other to move right to the topic, I will like to list some methods to help your career rank promotion.

Method #1 : Always maintain active while working with higher rank personnel. Your activeness and contributions will not only impress your boss but also add knowledge to your career.

Method #2 : Never stay behind in any job, show interest and/or concern. Your boss may not be a mind reader, so to give you better appraisal if he or she cannot confirm your interest and knowledge towards the job.

Method #3: Engage yourself in research about your career field. As I said before, the more you eat the better growth you have. The world is growing, as well as technology grow too. Seafarers job is dynamic in nature, you never know your next ship to serve. By engaging in researching, one’s knowledge builds higher and more confident.

Method #4: Do not stick or wait to be favored in a company. If your company is favoring your career success, stay with them, main good job and keep the motion rolling up. Moreover, trying other companies might also add a plus to your career success. As you know, the different ground is equaled to different traditions, that makes the Maritime job more interesting. Perform company research for standard salary and fast growth.

Method #5 : Make sure to have cash savings. Many seamen end up static position because no money to upgrade documents. Some even end up kicked off due to invalid documents. Making savings, give you quick step up support. There’s this saying ” Only a fool eat and never think to remain for tomorrow“.

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I will end the methods right here, you can contribute more to the rank promotion ways on the comment box below(if any).

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