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Crew Cabin Inspection : 27 Important Areas To check

ship crew Cabin

On arrival or boarding any type of ship; either as a crew member, passenger, a cabin (a living room) will be provided for you and inside it are equipped with furnitures, electronics, means of commutation, etc.

The cabin will serve as a personal home throughout your stay onboard the vessel. Depending on the ship cabin plans and arrangement, some cabins might have only one person occupancy or between 2 – 4 persons in one.

When it comes to cruise ships, only same sex crews or passengers are placed in a cabins with multiple beds, except in VIP area where ever top crew officers, passengers with family or friends can stay single or together. While in cargo ships crews area placed as per ranks; executive cabins (2 room in one) for top four officers ( capt, chief engineer, chief mate, second engineer) and single ones for crews. In case of less rooms, crews can be two in one cabin of double Bunks (beds), with few drawers (to store your luggages), and a small tiny bathroom.

Since not everyone knows how to maintain proper cleanliness or hygiene, then comes in the crew accommodation convention requirements 92 – 133 of MLC, ILO..

Who is authorised for crew cabin inspection?

Since the accommodation and it equipments are responsible duties for ship captain and chief mate, they are authorised to inspect the ship accommodation, all areas on main deck and make sure that all repairs are done to avoid port state control detention during port calls.

The captain of the ship is mandated to inspect ship living areas and deck at least once a week, this job can also be shifted to the chief officer who will represent captain during this process.

Crew Accommodation inspection checklist

There are several areas onboard ship to be inspected, but on this article, we are to list at least 27 Important areas to focus during the routine crew accommodation inspection:

  • Each cabin portholes to be checked for proper sealing, rusty metal and glasses in good condition. This will avoid water ingress during raining, rough weather, and dusty cargo entering the crew cabin.
  • Electrical sockets and lightenings most be checked. Sockets may sometimes got burnt due to high load applied to it or aged, also goes to lights not working properly.
  • Furniture to be checked for replacement or insufficient for crew comfort and convenience.
  • Lose tables and chairs should be checked and fix properly, since the ship is always rowing, to avoid accident during tough weather.
  • Cleanliness of the floor and bulkheads to be checked, making sure dusty or bad smelling from cabin removed.
  • Clothing store in lockers, lifejacket and immersion suit stored in the marked or label locker.
  • Bathroom to be carefully check for proper cleaning and drainage line flowing properly, hot and cold water available.
  • Toilet and flushing mechanism in working condition, clean, etc.
  • Illegal object and drugs no available in crew living room. All medications to be kept at the hospital or designed place.
  • Ventilation system heating and air-conditioning flows through properly
  • Beds or bunk in good condition, clean and tidy.
  • Row Foods such as meat, fish, etc not kept in cabin to avoid air pollutions and recycling via air conditioning.
  • Accommodation passage ways and door vents free of dirt, blockage, and obstructions.
  • Laundry room properly arranged, cleaned and washing machine to be label ( for civil clothes and dirty overall). Also washing machine drain must be flowing through, to avoid water overflow from drain during discharge.
  • Dryer room must be properly check, as fire outbreak always from such place.
  • Smoking room must be carefully check, make sure ashtrays are available, well covered, positioned, and ventilation system in working condition.
  • Empty cabins must be checked for water leakage, removing and plugs in electrical sockets, as well as switching off TV or related equipment to avoid fire incident.
  • More attention should be pay to the Galley (kitchen) cleanliness, vents, hot plate working condition, and other equipments.
  • Stores and offices must be checked, make sure proper arrangements are in place and things are secured.
  • Weather tight doors must be check, all sealing in place and active, no rusty metal, and freely movement.
  • Fire doors to be check, for self closing, sealing and limiter in working condition.
  • Security doors to have proper locks and easy to lock.
  • Main and emergency Lights, direction signals, and hand rails in position.
  • All emergency exit ways cleared, signal in place and well visible.
  • General toilets in clean condition and ready for use.
  • Crew changing room cleaned and arranged.
  • Check provision store room to be well arranged and clean.

By accomplishing at least all listed above, it’s possible to have a healthy and pleasant working environment, as well as safe home.

Crew cabin inspection report and why it’s important.

While taking round the ship accommodation for an inspection, it’s important to note down all defects, cabin number, location, and material required to rectify the situation. That being noted, it will help you to fill up a report form provided by your company or individual created report.

By sending this report together with a requisition of materials required in fixing the defects, the manager at the head office will be carried along and make arrangements of fixing the problems as fast as possible. Sine such defects could call for ship detention in ports, no ship owner will like to have his or her ship detained with such records. This will expand the lifetime of the ship accommodation and a conducive environment.

Should a crew or passenger be present during cabin inspection?

Logically yes, for privacy and security reasons. But captain still have the right to inspect the cabin with additional officers along with him or her to avoid any allegations. It’s not confirmed if there’s any laws on that.

Do you know where it’s written about crew presence during cabin inspection? Please drop it via comment box below.

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