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marine Free Crewing agencies in Ukraine and Russia

marine free Crewing agencies in Ukraine and Russia

On this article we will share with you list of marine free Crewing agencies in Ukraine and Russia, also required guide you should take note while applying with them.

What crewing companies does?

The crewing agencies adopt an implementation of activities for the recruitment of seafarers on sea going vessels. Crewing companies provide services to shipping companies in the search and selection of specialists for work on merchant ships and offshore boats / installations.

If you are not from Ukraine or Russia you may find more listed crewing agencies here

The major task of a free crewing company is to provide intermediary services between a ship-owner and a sailor by preparation of the necessary documents such as; visas, ship roles, STCW certificates, Siemens books, etc, to comply with ships flag. Also the owners may ask them to purchase flight tickets for the seaman and get the money included to their service payments.

What makes crewing choose you?

Employees of the crewing company before picking up a seaman from the internet or data base, check the professional knowledge and skills of seafarers such as;  knowledge of the English language, pasted  experiences and the availability of all the necessary documents. See guide on Maritime Documents & Ranks requirments

In crewing agencies company, it is common to test the candidate’s knowledge of the specialty and the English language using marlin tests or other alternatives. You can find the marine test apps used by crewing companies from our previous article. See Top Free Maritime English Software For Non English speaking Seafarers

How much is the cost of crewing company services?

As normal maritime employment practice, the services of a crewing company are paid for by the ship management and/or owner. It’s totally free for seafarers.

Though in some cases, the seafarer may be offered to issue the necessary boil suit (working overhaul), safety shoes, visas, and medical expenses on their own. Typically, these costs are reimbursed to the seafarer on arrival to the ship by the master or included to the first month salary.

How to confirm crewing company legitimate?


Since there are also bad and unregistered crewing agencies who wish to defraud the new comers, it’s advice that When looking for a job at sea, you should carefully choose a crewing company in order not to become a victim of fraud or deception on the part of an unscrupulous ship owner.

Make sure the company have a license from the Ukrainian Ministry of transport for the employment of Ukrainian citizens (if from Ukraine) or license from the ministry of transport Russia Federation (if you are a Russian citizen). Secondly, make some research or read forum crewing reviews from people working with this company.



Lastly, you can find all listed free crewing agencies company here, and apply directly. Also note, this post is ONLY to assist seamen to discover where to get sea jobs and guide you not to fall into fraud agencies.  Better not to pay any money to agent before joining, if you are not sure of their services.

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