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Top Free Maritime English Software For Non English speaking Seafarers

Free Maritime English Software

The English language is a general mode of communication in the maritime industry. Both onboard and in port, all employees need to know the English language for common understanding.

There are lots of free maritime English software and training schools out there. They help to assist you in learning how to communicate, write and read English. Since our team goal is to support seafarers in providing insightful information within the maritime field, I will like to use this article to share more about the importance of learning maritime professional English.

Who needs maritime English?

Seafarers and port work from none English speaking countries, who offer their service to multi-cultural crews, in global trade and/or foreign lands require to learn and know the English language. To make it short, it’s very essential for effective communication onboard and between ship to ship and ship to shore.

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In the shipping world today, English has become the most common language recognized in the international trading. As a consequence, global standards governing communicative competency have been strengthened by the international maritime organization (IMO) to legalize it.

Legal instruments meant for Maritime English language learning

Different countries and maritime companies do demand a specific program or training center. But generally, there is need to also try to use other programs to improve your self in speaking, reading and writing skills.

The recommended Maritime English software like marlins English test; which have both marlin windows free download and android free apps. These will help improve your professional expression in English.

Others include; ISF Marlins English Language Test for Seafarers.

It all depends on your location or on which language you are learning from.

If you know more best English language learning program for Seafarers, please kindly drop the names on the comment box.

Over to you, list more.