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Difference between telescopic and trunk marine engine

Difference between telescopic and trunk marine engine

In the present time, an internal combustion engine (ICE)  play a greater key role in modern ships. in this article, we are to see the difference between telescopic and trunk marine engine.

Marine engines are built for heavy-duty,  and thus have two different types which we will like to enlighten our readers.

1. Trunk Engine: this actually a steam compatible engine developed for the propulsion of ships. This engine was built in such a way it reduced their overall length by placing the crosshead alongside the piston in the form of a hollow tubular trunk.

The name trunk was derived from the placement of the piston and connecting rod which links directly to the big end,  while the crosshead holds on with the piston with the help of Gudgeon pin…  Thus,  these are mainly used in four-stroke engines.

2. Telescopic or crosshead type Engine: This is a type of engines use mostly in marine propulsion.  It is a heavy duty engine with height,  following the placement of its mechanisms.

Telescopic or crosshead engines (see image), it mainly comes in two strokes. thus, it connecting rod or conrod(1) connects the big end(2) and crosshead (3).  While the piston rod(4)which is attached to the piston crown(5),  links the piston to the crosshead.

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The telescopic or crosshead type of engine has a big advantage more than that of the trunk because during reciprocating to rotary motion conversion, the crosshead joint helps in reducing the piston side wears.  So in crosshead,  you will hardly have port &  Starboard wears in your liner or piston the way it normally is in trunk engines.


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