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How to prepare marine diesel engine for starting!!

How to prepare marine diesel engine for starting

Marine Diesel engine is the heart of the ship,  therefore it’s very important to have a professional personnel who can handle them well.

What are the ways to handle them well?
On this article,  we are going to list the starting procedures which is one of the ways you manage the marine auxiliary engines better.
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SKL Marine Diesel Engine
Before starting marine Auxiliary Diesel engine :
1. Check your starting air bottle and drain waters very well.
2. Some ships are provided with starting air line drain valve, check the air line drain valve open it  to drain condensed water, then close.
3. Check your lube oil level by the help of a deep stick.  Maintain the level if low.
4. Open your fuel line,  check around for leakage.
5. Start your lube oil priming pump, check around for any leakage.
6. Open the indicator cock (if provided) and blow through(this is to remove any condensed waters in the cylinder)
7. Close indicator cock, check around for any object around the flywheel or rotating area,  then open starting air.
8. Press the starting button (as instructed by your ship manual) If not start after a full revolution or more than two tries, close the air and check for a fault.

After starting your Marin Auxiliary Diesel engine :
1. Put of the priming pump(if not in Auto)
2. Open your cooling water (if close)
2. Take round the engine and check for leakage, water temperature, lube oil temperature, exhaust temperature,  and sounds.
3. Run the engine for 5-10 minutes,  then synchronize engine to the running one.
4. Check all the parameters again and maintain the normal (see your engine instructions manual for more)
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