Captain fear death As duty 3rd officer get angry


On that very evening, the captain decided to visit the bridge. About 22.45 GMT +3, reaching there, the duty 3rd officer was not found.

Captain started to look around, then to find 3rd mate sleeping behind chart desk.

He woke him up and started shouting on the 3rd mate “Is that how you keep watches?….” Well after a little while, the 3rd officer replied to him ” sir I’m sorry, I had some problems”

On that point, the master understood that 3rd mate was totally drunk. He decided to carry out a test, at the same time threaten to “sign him off”.

Master request 3rd mate to get him the alcohol testing apparatus. He refused and as Captain to get himself. Also added that he is not ready to carry out any test.

What was wrong with the 3rd officer?

Before leaving the port about 1800hrs, the young seafarer ( 3rd mate ), chatted with a friend at home. Who passed some information to him ” saying he saw his girlfriend with some other guy” and he has a plan to get married to the lady after that contract.

However, this information provoked the young man, which he tried to control with alcohol. But his mistake was, he never reported his mood to anyone or even the captain before taking over bridge watch.

What happened between the captain and 3rd officer

Captain forcefully took the alcohol test, to find out his alcohol level was about 11.6 %. Immediately ask him to leave the bridge and never come back.


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He also added that 3rd mate should go and arrange his bags for next port sign off.

These words from the captain increase 3rd mate aggressive spirit, which he took a knife to design his boss.

Captain narrowly escaped out from the bridge with a lot of knife injuries, before other crews were alerted.

Lesson to learn

  1. Never try to suppress or threaten any shipboard crew who is under alcohol.
  2. If found under drugs or alcohol, try to find out his problems, give him or her good treatment.
  3. Allow him to sleep off the problems and regain from alcohol.
  4. Review the company drugs and alcohol policy.
  5. If possible give him or her another chance with little advice as a leader.
  6. Remember, safety first. We had this story because the captain was alive to tell how it happened.
  7. As a captain always observe crew moods, confirm what the problem is, be general not a partial fellow.


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