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General guide and Methods to maintain deck crane.


In all ships, you will find one or more deck crane which serves for different purposes.

On this article, I will like to share some methods which you may follow to keep your crane safe and smooth running.

In most container ships, the deck crane is always the major problems which the crew and management do face. These problems can be limited if you follow steps which are recommended.

Following my experience, it’s always difficult to keep up with the recommendations which are given by the manufacturer of the crane. But believe me, I was once in a ship which crane problem becomes a nightmare of the captain and chief engineer. But when I boarded the ship and started to follow up the recommendations also adding my own ideas, I got the problems solved.

Firstly, you most get yourself familiarised with the crane functions, construction and knowing the hydraulic and electric symbols of the crane you work with before it broke down. Failure to know better about the crane functionalities may lead to mixing it up when the crane broke down.

To give the more clear view of the methods I’m talking about, I will list them as follows;

First Method: Know your crane.

This method will help you in case of any broke down. To have a better understanding of this method, first study your deck crane operational functions, electrical circuit diagrams, and symbols, locations and it’s functions.


Second Method: know the proper system oil.

This method is very important as it can put the entire system into risk. We have different types of hydraulics and they all serve for its purposes. Mixing two types of hydraulic oils in the system will not only create problems for the deck crane but also limit its career. Also, note crane works better if the fluid on it is active. It’s important to take on regular intervals an analysis of the hydraulic oil been use on your crane system.

Third method: To know how to troubleshoot the crane problem.

With the first method, you can easily divide your troubleshooting into two; practical and theoretical, which each subdivision will base on the hydraulic system, electric and mechanical.

Any crane operator must be able to explain the past behavior of the crane. Therefore to practically understand what to do, you may likely ask questions about the last movements, warnings, irregularities, etc.

Once you have these methods in practice, it will significantly improve your quick responses to your crane problem.

Deck Crane Safety

To keep crane safe and reliable, you most always check and inspect the parts regularly as recommended. Use recommended oil, grease and remove any obstructions which may lead to pull off of the wire from the sheave.

Never exceed the deck crane load tested weight. By exceeding the limit of weight may lead to unsafe operations.

Photo and Reference: McGregor crane, self Experience.

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