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Basic Tips for Purifier Working Principles

Basic Principles Of Separations

On board ship, there are major separation or purifiering methods and it’s important, which crews need to understand the basic principles behind them.

This article will point out three major purposes of separation, types of separation and give more explanation of the basic things to know before using any of the separating equipment.

The Purpose of separation

There are three major purposes of separations;

  1. Concentrate and separate solid particles from a liquid
  2. To free a liquid of solids content
  3. Separating two mutually insoluble liquids with different densities, while taking away any solid presents at the same time.

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The above mentioned can be achieved in different ways. Following experience and experimental results, it’s given that we can achieve the above basic principles of separations by ;

  • Centrifugal separation

This is mostly used on board ship, to separate fuel oil from water and/or sludge by rapid rotation of the bowel, in such a way that the force of gravity is replaced by centrifugal force which is of thousands of times greater.

Basic Principles Of Separations
centrifugal separating method
  • Gravity separations

We can also achieve separations of the liquid mixture in stationary bowels; eg. bunker tanks. This liquid gets cleared slowly as the heavy particles in the liquid sink downwards to the bottom due to the influence of gravity. This particle can be removed by placing a drain below the bowel.

  • Temperature Separations

Since on board ship and in general, we do have some liquid which requires a change of temperature ( eg. Mineral oils), therefore high separating temperature increase such liquid capacity of separation. This type of separation can be divided into two bases on there states

a) High and low viscosity

b) High and low density

Following the above explanations, on board ship was equipped with an already modified purification system, which follows the above steps to help the operators in quick separation and easy operations. Instructions are also provided for the operators to follow to avoid injury due to high speed or temperatures.

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To achieve the desired separations, you must follow the instructions of each manufacturer and safety guides.

We hope this helps or insightful to you. You can share your idea or additions to the topic (if any). Share to reach friends who may benefit from this article.

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