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How is life like onboard a vessel as a cadet ?

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To make a good inquiry about a career before joining is very necessary. a question from a deck cadet makes reminds me when i was also in search to know more about sea career; how cadets spent their time onboard, etc.

It was a hard time for me to understand how it looks like to be at sea for six months or more with people you have never met before.

The purpose of sharing my experience is to help enlighten young marine professionals on the basic steps to know or follow for a better future.

The above title, was a question sent in by a deck cadet; ” Sir, please how is life like onboard a vessel as a cadet ?” And the second question was ” What do the officers expect from the cadets onboard ?”.

I would like all cadets and officers to benefit or participate in the discussion;

Well, people are different in nature. Every officer passes through a normal channel ( marine academy, the cadetship), while some took a shortcut. Either by passing through Rating ( 34 months) or by money.

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As For me, who passed through an academy, cadet, 1st,2nd, 3rd and top officers, I know the values and always like and happy to give out all knowledge to a cadet that is willing to learn. Not a lazy cadet.

Deck cadet
Cadet Lifeboat familiarization


1. Don’t be a lazy cadet. No officer will share any knowledge with you if found lazy or not willing to learn.

2. When they always keep you on deck painting and chipping with AB’s. Know something is wrong, the person keeps you away so you don’t learn or because you are not serious.

3. Always keep time. Resume duty 20mins before the time. Show interest to keep overtime with other offices to learn more from them.

4. Cadet is onboard for practical aspect of the field. So make sure you are done with the theoretical side of it. This will give you the more fast learner.

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5. Ask questions, never keep your self as Mr know all (you know it more than him or her).

6. You can contribute your ideas when solving some difficult jobs. ONLY suggestion.

7. Always remember, you are not there to command anyone, but to learn. Make friends with ratings and learn also from them.

Note: After cadet, there are certain questions you will likely ask your supervisor. So the best time you have is the cadet. Only if you wish to maintain cadetship career. If any questions or contribution, join the discussion on below comment box.

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